Crime, No Punishment: Unsolved Atrocities in Ukraine’s Conflict ~ (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

the real Syrian Free Press


Odessa massacre, MH-17, Maidan snipers and mass graves. The list grows but investigations are stalled and media coverage dying. How inconvenient truths are killing this ongoing conflict.




WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES – Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy Caught on Camera – Euro-Nazi Puppets Supported by USA

In what can only be described as a massacre, 38 anti-government activists were killed Friday after US-led forces set fire to Odessa’s Trade Unions House, which had been sheltering opponents of the US and European-backed regime in Ukraine.

According to eye-witnesses, those who jumped from the burning building and survived were surrounded and beaten by thugs from the Right Sector. Video footage shows bloodied and wounded survivors being attacked….(…READ MORE…)…

…The Full Article-Video-Photos Click Here…


Despite clear evidence that the pro-Kiev radicals set Odessa’s House of Trade Unions ablaze on Friday killing dozens, the mainstream media is being ambiguous about the causes of…

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