Breaking News: Anonymous Doctor Releases Treatment for the Ebola Virus


Starship Earth: The Big Picture

What do you think of this article? Of course there’s a cure for Ebola… and cancer… and AIDS… and every other disease created by the cabal as a blight upon Humanity.

They create a plague in their high-tech labs, sell us the « vaccine » to prevent us from dying and wind up killing us with the vaccine rather than the plague… like something right out of a movie, except it’s just life on Starship Earth.

We have people saying to be careful of overdosing on Vitamin C, and now we have an anonymous doctor telling us that colloidal silver does not work for Ebola, or MRSA or any other virus and we would have to take massive doses of Vitamin C to enable our bodies to kill the Ebola virus.  Who do you believe? 

Are they trying to get hoards of people to flood the health food stores to buy up…

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